How to catch pike in the spring? How to choose the best place for pike spinning in spring.



How to catch pike in the spring?

How to catch pike in the spring?How to catch pike in the spring?

The most desirable and everyone’s favorite predator, which can reach impressive size in fact, very well caught exclusively on spinning tackle, although there are other options pike . But we will talk about pike fishing in the spring on a spinning reel and fishing has a number of subtleties, which we will consider in this topic. The process of catching pike starts everywhere in different ways, it all depends on how fast the ice starts melting in the region. With the advent of the first thawed patches and streams, we can already say with certainty that pike is the beginning of your turn, since it is not only a breath of oxygen, and also the fact that at this time pike starts spawning period. Spawning pike rises upstream rivers to spawn his numerous progeny, many of which will be from all forces to fight for survival. Spawn, pike weakens and she urgently needs food and exactly what gets in her way, prey for pike can be a variety of fish species, particularly juveniles. Pike does not even shrink from their views. Now to the most important it’s spinning. To catch pike spinning in spring is quite easy, as it was affected by the fact that pike was quite hungry, after a long and cold winter.Any newcomer wants to catch on spinning it a pike, as the pike is one of the best trophy angler. That’s just not every newbie knows about how to catch a pike. The process of catching pike is not just the presence of the spinning, but still in the right casting, drawing technique and not least the cutting.

First you need to learn its behavior, and in the spring.

It’s that time of year when the pike shows maximum activity. This period can be divided into two stages: the feeding period before spawning and feeding period after spawning. Before spawning, after hibernation, the pike fish feeds on hard, as it needs to gather strength for the second stage is the spawning. It should be noted that the activity of pike is still depending on oxygen saturation of water of rivers and lakes. It is known that, when the first burning rays of the sun begins to melt the snow and ice and it was with the first streams of melt water, water enriched with small but significant portions of oxygen. During spawning pike can be observed close to the coast, from the shores of the Northern pike begin to spawn. Doing spawning, pike are more oblivious, she is not such an important production, as the process of spawning. Noting that pike spawns, its capture may be unsuccessful, but only after spawning, when she is weak, the bite can be rabid and to any known lure angler.

How to catch pike in the spring?How to catch pike in the spring?

How to choose the best place for pike spinning in spring.

Not everything depends on the skill of the angler in possession of the gear, and how to choose the right fishing spot. Such a place is not difficult to find. After the ice melted, the water is a little muddy and just after the spring flood, when water in reservoirs and rivers is becoming more transparent and clean, and then it pays to test their skills in catching pike. Clean and clear water is clearly visible and pike perfectly sees his potential victim. Such sites usually have greater depth in such areas are fed small fish that is easy prey for the pike and pike for You. Worth a walk along the river, we can immediately notice catchability plots. These areas are in rivers where the current is not so much muddying the waters.


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