The best month for pike.

 Pike of the month – March. The pike fishing in the spring. The best month for pike. Photo.
Pike of the month – March. The pike fishing in the spring. The best month for pike. Photo.

The pike fishing in the spring.

Pike of the month – March.A predator such as a pike, can be found in almost all water bodies located on the territory of Russia. When the month of March, the pike was adopted for the preparation period of their spawning, so it shows high activity, trying to catch as much production to recover his strength after the winter period. It was at this time one can observe a very active and frequent biting of a pike. In this period of the predator is best to catch on spinning. There is only one caveat, which could prejudice the success of future fishing is a selection of the places to catch pike.

  • The weather in March.

If the street observed the beautiful Sunny weather, this toothy predator for their Parking will prefer to place in the pond with a small depth. As a rule, in those places there are thickets and snags, due to which it can perfectly disguise for a successful attack, or unnecessary to your address attention.

  • Snap.

When choosing a snap for pike in March, the best choice would be a solid rod, whose length is from 2.5 to 4 meters. It should not be equipped with a solid tip, which will allow more effectively to feel the bite and implement the highest quality control bait. In addition, it is also worth noting that for successful fishing on this predator must have coils non-inertial type, with a spare bullet.

With the onset of March, a large part of pike floats have had time to develop eggs, so it is no longer interested in mining large sizes. During this period, it is recommended that for successful catching of a pike is to use lures in small sizes. For example, it could be the cranks or twisters, having dimensions that do not exceed five centimeters.

  • What time to fish for pike.

It should be noted that great importance when fishing for pike is having the time of day. In the morning and afternoon, pike prefers to be in shallow water, so in this period is to prefer lures with a dark color tone. But in the evening the situation changes dramatically, pike goes to the deeper locations of the reservoir and its successful fishing it is necessary to apply baits which have bright colors or baits that can reflect the light, creating a sparkle effect of the scales of the fish.

  • How to catch pike in March.

When the weather starts to deteriorate and becomes cloudy, then pike starts to increased activity, but it is important to take into account the fact that in this weather, as a rule, pike chooses a deeper location in the pond. -At about 12 o’clock the pike can swim closer to shore, but despite this, she still will be at a depth that is about two or three meters. Therefore, in this period of time to try to catch this predator on those areas of the reservoir, where there is a lot of depth. In cloudy weather, due to the small amount of light, you need to prefer lures with a bright color or so-called brilliant lures. When fishing for pike it is necessary to conduct a slow and uniform wiring in order to force the predator to attack the lure. If the hook gets caught pike of large dimensions that, as a rule, in spring before spawning, is a very rare phenomenon — it’s just feel like the lure caught on an obstacle. If swallowed pike of small size, such strike will be similar to the thud.