Spring fishing for pike, late or not?

Spring fishing for pike. Late or not? The main Parking lot of the pike.
Spring fishing for pike. Late or not? The main Parking lot of the pike.

Spring pike fishing, which usually comes with the arrival of spring, takes a short period of time. And probably every fisherman who made the tackle for catching that fish, often wonders if he missed this favorable for pike?

The beginning of pike.

When the first days of March, should we expect a bite of the pike, which is in pre-spawning condition or the time has already been lost? Russia is a country with large-sized reservoirs. Some of them can be quite successful to carry out fishing, starting with the second half of February, and on other bodies of water pike begins to actively attack the bait only with the onset of April. It should be noted that the pike every year shows activity in different ways. Therefore it is necessary to understand that, when comes the moment which will be most favorable for trekking on the nearby pond for a good catch of pike. To catch such a moment is realistic, guided by certain rules and factors that determine the level of activity of pike in a certain time and in certain areas of the pond.


It should be noted that in the spring a pretty good catch of pike can be observed with the onset of may. But spring fishing for pike is that it is very difficult to choose the moment when spring begins zhor pike and when she aggressively grabs the bait. Very often the reason for little success fishing for pike is the choice of the reservoir in which it is very difficult to catch fish in the coastal strip or in which the fish are reluctant to approaches closer to the shore, and its length does not allow the lure directly to the Parking lot of the pike.

Where to find pike

In order to answer the question if zhor pike, you need to constantly move around the pond in search of a good bite. Do not constantly sit in one place, naively hoping that sooner or later the predator will still notice attacks and throws the bait. During Jora pike is welcome so-called active fishing, which provides for continuous movement along the entire shoreline of the reservoir. During pike, first of all, you need to pay close attention to places that are favorite for pike in the spring. For ambush it is, as a rule, chooses such places in the water where there are snags, tree branches, bushes, or areas which are abundantly covered with algae.

The main Parking lot of the pike

Do not neglect the checking for the presence of pike in such places as creeks, floodplains, shallow size sleeves and a shallow river. They are the main place that chooses pike during spawning. In the spring, the probability to detect and catch fish in these places the most high.

When fishing the bait should be cast as in the coastal strip of the reservoir, and throw it as far as possible from the shore at different distances. This can be, for example, the distance is and 23, 43 and 63 meters and so on — depending on the size of the reservoir and the possibility of casting a lure. Simply put, you have to go through the whole area of the water body and all its depths in search of the desired trophy, which bears the name of pike.