Does the angler fish?

Does the angler fish? The world, which is located above the water.
Does the angler fish? The world, which is located above the water.

The world, which is located above the water.

Does the angler fish? The world, which is located above the water, the fish see a somewhat different form, in contrast to those animals that live on land. It turns out that the fish perfectly can monitor everything that happens on the shore near the pond. So many beginning fishermen often wonder whether the fish that I saw standing on the shore fisherman, to consider him our enemy, and therefore to fear him?

For anybody not a secret that the clothes that are saturated with bright colors colors can greatly scare the fish. He saw a man dressed in bright clothes fish in order to be safe sailed away from him. It is also worth noting that the ability of fish to see all the details that are on the shore and follow everything what happens there is influenced by such indicators as the lack of wind and the degree of transparency of water. When there is no wind on the pond there are no waves and the water is more calm, making fish can much better examine everything that is in the shore area.

Accordingly, if the pond water becomes very murky, the fish are much more difficult to consider Bank and be aware of the fact that the fisherman carries it to potential danger. When the pond water is turbulent and observed, even if small, waves, fish is very difficult to consider in detail all the items found on the beach. Waves and slight agitation of the water distorts the visual perception of all that is on the beach.
Distance under the water that the fish can clearly see everything that happens around her is 1.5 – 2 meters. But it is worth remembering that the objects of large size and with the presence of bright colors fish can see at a distance which is up to twelve meters.

But it is worth noting, that the hands of the fishermen will work the fact that during the observation of the fish from the water for the shore formed the so-called blind zones in which the fish can not see anything. They depend on the angle at which everything on the waterfront is hidden from fisheye. For example, at an acute angle, fish will not be able to see the objects located on the shore. This feature of the appearance of blind zones can be very useful to the angler while fishing. It turns out that in order for the fish not to see the fisherman did not understand that he is trying to catch, you just need to move away from the shore. It is also worth noting that a number standing at the edge of the water the angler will be perfectly visible for a fisheye, because of the so-called effect of light refraction, in which water acts as a lens. In addition, the fisherman is visible to the fish when the pond is too high shore.

It is worth noting that in the shallow areas of the reservoir, the chances of a fish to notice standing on the shore fisherman can be reduced significantly. In addition, in order to be less visible to fish of view, its better to catch in the sitting position. If you fish standing up, there is a very high probability to get into her field of vision and as a consequence scare away their prey.