The pike fishing in the summer



The pike fishing in the summer.

“Pike in the summer, and how to catch”

The pike fishing in the summer
Ловля щуки летом
Summer is a great time, sung by poets and writers in all its glory. Summer is also the season of vacations, travel. For the angler in General, summer is a great time to catch fish, but pike are not very good, it is known that the more active pike during Jora, and zhor pike in spring and autumn, but despair is not necessary, as pike on this beautiful summer caught in the depths, if they are available in your pond. Pike in the summer, mostly in search of places where a more comfortable place for its habitat. But from the beginning of the summer, all the water has time to warm up, pike can be found in the shallow waters, only not everywhere it is possible to catch as spawning ban does not allow to catch on spinning, just have to look at pike. The ban on fishing during the spawning period usually ends in 10-15 of June, where the water is already heated and fishermen EN masse out to fish, most fishermen out in boats and do water bodies for the presence of fish. The pike is no exception, it is also massively looking for and caught, and caught already with depths, mainly on jigs, and other lures used to catch pike, and also used quite successfully ( spoons, turntables, wobblers, twisters, etc.). Depends a lot of factors in catching pike in the summer. In hot and Sunny days of summer pike catch is problematic, especially in the afternoon. Factors such as pressure, temperature, wind, known under the General title of “weather” are studied tchatelno before each fishing and of course pike. Pike preferable to catch early morning or late evening before sunset, at this time you can successfully catch some decent copies, oblasova pond up and down, and of course without ignoring the snag and rushy places. Though pike in the summer worse than the bite, but it’s also alive and also have something to eat, and eats the pike quite eagerly, and her varied diet( fish, frog, mice and various rodents are the ones that somehow got into the reservoir ).

Ловля щуки летом


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