Fishing for bream in may

Fishing for bream in may
Fishing for bream in may

  • What determines the success in catching bream

In most cases, spring for the angler is a favorite period of time. It starts in the spring feeding period of the fish is spawning. Bream in fact, too is the fish, this is known to all anglers and he can’t be the exception to the rule. After a short explanation and a small cut to the chase, namely the bream fishing in the spring, as well as to cover the tackle and bait that will catch bream. Starts spawning bream from the middle of may, toward the end. It is known that before spawning bream actively feeding and catch bream is not difficult. Correctly matched tackle, bait and fishing location guarantees success catching bream.

  • Features fishing bream in may

First of all the activity in fish depends on many factors, namely temperature, pressure, wind, and all this is called weather. Fishing for bream can start from late April, but the bream bite is still not stable. Weather also sometimes brings different surprises and whims and as soon as the air temperature at night will reach + 10 + 15 degrees, you can safely gather for fishing. With such a positive outcome, the water warms up quickly and the activity of the fish increases, especially in the coastal zone of a water body or in areas where the depth of 1 meter. In may, in preparation for spawning, the bream usually gathers in large flocks. In may, bream held in the areas of overgrown grass or tranquil sections with shallow depth. At a shallow depth, while catching bream in may need to be patient and careful, in terms of silence, bream simply can frighten the slightest noise, and catching will be covered with a copper basin. At a shallow depth in may, bream feels comfortable, but do not forget that bream are very cautious and without the need to approach close to shore is not worth it.

  • Habitat and feeding of bream in may

Inhabits the bream in may before spawning closer to shore, as mentioned earlier, the favorite areas of bream Bay is not muddy bottom. In such places, a lot of different food for bream, namely, various insect larvae and worms and other similar food at the bottom of the reservoir coastal zone. Best places to catch bream on the river can become the mouth, but in large rivers bream fed near hydraulic structures, dams and bridge footings. Often the bream is found in the yields of deep wells.

As soon as the spawning bream and lost its activity. It is noticed that the first act spawns not big ones and then the full-length spawn big bream. How can you determine the onset of spawning of bream? And it’s simple as ABC, the beginning of bursts in the coastal area in the early morning or near sunset, heralds the spawning bream. To contemplate and admire these marvelous splashes just as enjoyable as catching. It’s worth it, what would it see. During stable weather spawning bream is going well and on time, but if somehow the weather began to change, bream pauses and only after the restoration of stable spawning for the weather, bream continues.

Bream are biting well in may in the morning and evening with a depth of one meter, provided a relaxed and warm weather. Bream feeding on the bottom, where there are submerged snags or laying large stones.

  • When fishing for bream in may use float and feeder tackle.

In the first case, suitable telescopic rod, a length of about 5 — 6 meters. When choosing a reel, it’s as you like, but in this case, the coil is only needed for storing fishing line, as when float fishing long casts are simply not needed. You can also make a leash, and in the event of breakage without loss of principal snap to replace, which simplifies the process of catching bream. In the end, the tackle should be pretty easy, and also sturdy enough, and in this case more appropriate float to 4 grams.
In the second case, you can use the rod short 2, 7 — 3 m, with a pre-mounted spinning reel. Is wound on a spool of 50 — 80 meters of fishing line 0,25 — 0,3 mm. For this tackle is better to use a feeder under dry food. Two leads will be enough. The best solution to manufacture leashes for feeder snap-in — fluorocarbon is 0.2 mm. the Main advantage of the leash is invisible in the water. It is also important to choose hooks for catching bream and they should be pretty strong with a sharp sting, perfect hooks No. 4.
Bait and tip fishing for bream in may

With the bait things easier, because you can buy it ready to use in any fishing store. As bait you can prepare yourself for this you will need breadcrumbs, corn grits, meal and bran. All of these components are thoroughly mixed and moistened with water directly on the pond. In the cooking of bait is important not to overdo it with water, the mixture should be quite loose and of course they’d be sticking together. The right bait ideally forms a cloud turbidity at the bottom, which in turn is attractive to bream. As a nozzle for catching bream, use Pets attachments: manure worm, maggots, bloodworm. Also in may, a common nozzle, is the caddis worm, he can also be suitable for bait. No exception plant tips for catching bream in may, they as well known to most anglers: barley, peas, corn, dough. Plant tips you can apply different flavors, and best of all is anise oil.