Catching big carp in "the pacifier". Catchability "nipple" on the carp with their hands
Catching big carp in «the pacifier». Catchability «nipple» on the carp with their hands

The process of making «nipples»

The process of making «nipples» for catching big carp is not so complicated as it may seem at first glance. It’ll take the cork from the bottle 5 litre capacity. In General, the diameter of the gear should be not less than 40 mm and have a height of 1 cm. divide the tube into 4 equal parts, then where will be the holes can be drilled with a drill, it is not so difficult. As received , by drilling the holes, fasten the clasp with swivel, and in the remaining three holes fasten leashes with hooks. That’s so simple and less confusing way to get a «nipple», ready for battle.

Leashes can serve as a scaffold of wickerwork or of monofil in length 5 see Hooks for «nipples» to choose better quality and they have to get out of the place, which was going to catch.

In some cases, you can immediately take care of the sinker for the «nipples» and ohrozit her, that would not add an extra element in a snap. Should address the important point that «nipple» was a practical and compact and everything must be done carefully. Chosen weight for the «nipples» of the same diameter and mounted it on the underside of the lid. The goods for the «nipples» you can use 20 — 40 grams, but sometimes that is not enough, and then you will need an additional ohrozit «pacifier». Normal «nipples» is that when you drop it to the bottom, the load must be below the main rigging.

Catching big carp in "the pacifier". Catchability "nipple" on the carp with their hands
Catching big carp in «the pacifier». Catchability «nipple» on the carp with their hands
  • How to catch big carp in «the pacifier»

The principle of the «nipples» are identical with the bottom gear, as it is the ground tackle. The very difference is only in the design of the equipment. It is gaining popularity among anglers as to catch it is possible not only for carp and other fish species. A common thing to catch carp, also caught in «the pacifier» carp, Rudd, bream, roach, perch.

  • What gear to pick for fishing on a «pacifier»

«Pacifier» in this type of fishing, it is better to use as one of the elements of the bottom gear. In the usual way, having fixed on a common rod and go fishing, is not reasonable. The tackle for the «nipples» will look better and be more practical if you use the rod in a length of 2.4 m. and more. More in the case if you make long casts, and the farther the bigger fish and 3-meter rod will be at the time.

After the selection of the rod, and it turned out to be powerful, the pick up coil too powerful with sizes from 3000 to 4500 and it pulls the fishing line less than 50 meters with a diameter of 0.25 mm. By the end of the main line , firmly attaches the «nipple», in order to make a cast into the pond it will need to charge the bait. After casting, the rod is mounted on spears, and remains stationary, until, until big fish does not bite, signal for the sweeps can be used with bell or the tip of the rod, in this case, the rod is set at an angle in relation to the reservoir.

  • It is better to use for bait and bait for «pacifier»

To use for bait, the bait can be any formula and cereal as made by and purchased at fishing stores. Especially large carp, is a finicky fish and for fishing it is better to take a few baits and only after experimental methods of fishing, you can find out who prefers caught a big carp. The most common bait for carp — the manure worm, maggot, corn, barley, dough, mastyrka.

  • Fishing with «the pacifier»

First you will need to find a place for fishing, that would be convenient to arrange the rods. After successfully selected should be complementary feeding carp by getting your «nipples» porridge, and located the bait hooks must be mounted and packaged inside cereal. And is cast into the pond. On the bottom of the pond, a carp swims up to the «nipple» and the first thing starts to taste the porridge, with porridge in the mouth of the carp fall hooks. Why you need to hide the hooks in the mess? And the thing that would when casting leashes with hooks not rabovladelcheskim between them. If the carp did not immediately found a «pacifier», the bait begins quietly dissolved in water and thereby freeing the hooks with bait.