How to catch carp?

How to catch carp and where to look for carp in early spring
How to catch carp and where to look for carp in early spring

A little bit about the carp.

Carp is part of the carp family and is distributed all over CIS and some European countries. There are now 4 types: ordinary, gold, silver, or gold fish. The maximum height and weight of 50 cm and 3 kg. Spawning occurs in spring, one fish lays up to 300,000 eggs. Life expectancy up to 10 years. Feeds on animals (worms, caddisflies, etc.) and plant foods (barley, bread, clear the mess, the cake, etc.)

  • In what weather and time to go

The beginning of spring, a good time to catch good specimens of carp. It is worth considering that the carp before spawning, has been active several times more than the normal time of year, and the spawning period occurs at the beginning of spring. Therefore, the most productive fishing will be at this time of year. Time of day is also of paramount importance it is best to go fishing during such periods: from 8 a.m. to 11 hours, from 13 hours to 16 PM. Best is active in warm and Sunny days.

  • Where to look for carp in early spring

Carp at this time is near the coast in areas where the depth does not exceed 1.5 m and there are some differences in depth or where there is grass.

  • Bait

As bait you can use small moth in a special bait mixture. Also possible in the evening to cook barley porridge and place to lure the intended fishing.

  • The feeder fishing

This is a feeder rod designed for long distance casts. Often has a spring that contains the bait and which clings near the bait.

For successful fishing need to correct all choose so let’s begin. Rod you need to choose so that it was not very hard, because fishing is not easy also it is unnecessary to take very soft, as it will not be able to make casts with heavy bait. The average spinning reel for fishing carp, take a length of 4 m and test up to 120 mm Material of the rod it is advisable to choose wood or carbon fiber, but suitable for beginners and telescope. The fishing line should not be very thick, so casts were accurate and the line would not scare away the fish. The average used is monofilament with a diameter of 0.15 to 0.3 mm. The coil should choose according to preference and taste, here are the precise instructions there. And finally the bait is mainly used coil spring that will have a bait near it mounted from 1 to 3 baited hooks. The bait may be: foam plastic, worm, bread, barley, caddis worm, bloodworm.

You will also need a bell or alarm, which is mounted on the line and when the bite makes a sound.

  • Fishing float tackle

This type of fishing is widespread because it is very simple and effective. So, you will need the rod length from 3.5 m to 5 m at most, so the fishing will not be comfortable if you use the rod of 5 meters. Material you can choose any (but mostly float fishing rods are telescopic). Then take fishing line with a diameter of 0.18 mm. Coil for such fishing-rods in use are not very powerful, as we assume the catch is not more than 1kg.

Still need to choose a float, a float sliding and non-slip. There is already the choice for the fisherman, also the floats need to take or below standing water or below the current. It is not necessary to use floats more than 15 cm, because the bite will be invisible. And the last is the hook. You can use any types of hooks as long as they did not exceed 2.5 cm length of Bait you can use the same as for feeder.

  • Accessories

For comfortable fishing you could possibly need: a comfortable folding chair, a slingshot for bait fish, stands for fishing rods, handy bag for storing various gear.

  • Summary

It should be concluded that catch carp in the spring is easy and even a beginner can handle it. The main thing to have desire and not to be lazy and all must happen. Good luck!