The bait for carp with their hands

Recipes with their hands

Most of our reservoirs is not the whole fish bait spoiled with exotic smells and carp is skeptical or even avoid them. For a successful impact on the fishing carp bait is prepared from conventional and affordable products with their own hands.

Cooking bait for carp themselves. Video

However, options for carp bait very much, so much, how much is enough fantasy fisherman. So, in order to achieve success, only to observe a few simple and clever principles that are characteristic of carp fishing.

It is known that carp are not small fish, and to hold it in place of fishing, the bait (mixture) is necessarily coarse fraction should be present. Taki as corn (canned or steamed), peas (unique and operates almost all the fish), as well as extruded cylinders bird feed from 2 — 6 mm. Fodder in its composition contains a treat consisting of fish bone meal, which is desirable for the fish .Prikormka should slowly swell at the bottom, and at the same time to create a little cloud of haze (dust), which helps to attract the fish.

The content of the coarse fraction in the groundbait mix for carp, should be a lot at as many points as possible. Since carp is not possible to overfeed and carp will only eat until he bursts, but for some reason he did not burst, but at a pace grows and grows. And in the warm season (summer), it is impossible to overfeed carp, as well as bream.

Before the meal, the fish need to attract. To create a cloud of haze of delicious flavors and beautiful bait. For this we need bran, oil cake and dry the water moloko.Popadaya bran are beginning to emerge, and particles of the cake also is lighter than water, and with a little bran are rising, but not always, but the milk is already creating a thick cloud of haze. Similarly good use peas, but only in the form of pea puree. Cook peas the most ordinary way, as if about to eat it themselves, in the literal concept, seethe peas. Pea puree you need is not much, about the volume of its ready 1:10 or even less. Mushy peas in water turbidity gives a very good, with delicious smell, including mashed potatoes as a major factions will lie and present a pea, not welded. Using a bait makes sense to try out as a nozzle itself peas. For other turbidity is to add small fraction feed mixtures available on the agricultural markets, suitable mixtures for all animals.

Flavored (saturate aroma) bait can and should be differently. Known odors from existing species, it is sweet and spicy, which usually do not mix. Applied sweet smell is vanilla, anise, cinnamon, honey. And all of these products are not expensive and affordable. To enhance the sweetness of bait, should apply minced biscuits, dry pudding, fruit cereal, fruit tea. Spicy aroma create the same ingredients as garlic, hemp seeds, ground sunflower seeds, paprika, sesame oil, a mixture of ground spices. Also commercially available ready-made flavors and lures.

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