Float rod for carp

In the fishing world among fishermen is the place to be, and so anglers who prefer just float rod. Watch the float, rocking on the waves, turning fishing into a kind of meditation. That’s just such a state of relaxation to return to earth Fishing is possible only with the sharp bite of fish.
Of all the varieties and modifications of the float tackle fishing rods for carp becomes the most suitable match.
Rod 1Fider carp

Fishing rod for carp consists of the following parts.

Снасти на карпа2
Rod length (3.5-4.0 m), which is sufficient for the safety factor. The nearest fishing stores offer the broadest range carp match rod.
For correct and accurate distance casting performance need inertialess reel with spool 2500-3000.
And for vyvazhivaniya without retirements and continuity need mono fishing line length of 100-150 m., And it should be properly and accurately wound to the edge of the reel spool, it is done so that when casting, the fishing line from the spool easily untwisted. With a lack of fishing line for carp, the other under her wound the line thicker and connect with each other. Diameter for carp fishing line 0,22-0,30 mm.
We float rods for carp for the range curb equipment meets the float. Current Match model has a high bright and antenna, as well as a heavy body and a lot of that can be changed in many ways.
For ogruzki to working mark used small lead pellets, which are arranged on the basis of the fishing line between the float and the hook.
Most anglers fishing in this form using a leash, it is in order, that would not tie the hook to the main line. And always have in stock a few ready-made leashes. In case of breakage, but it does not happen so often, have stock just need a hook tied to the main line does not give guarantees in breakage, so it is possible to lose all snap together with a float.