As well as where to catch fish. Video.

Many fishers ask a question as well as where to catch fish? And what fishing (the bream, a carp, a crucian, etc.), was pleasant and memorable. As many fishers like to tell baizes about fishing (the fairy tale lie and in it a hint….). So-called «bikes», force the listener to listen to the story about fishings and they turn out quite interesting. And so that it wasn’t necessary to invent also to you baizes about fishings, it is necessary actually will prepare for fishing so, what to hook fish.

And everything begins with selection of tackles, whether it be summer or winter. Of course there are considerable differences, but an essence one-this fish. Any fishing begins with selection of a place and if there is an opportunity, it is possible to learn from skilled fishermen, they will prompt for certain where there are cool places and where what fish клюёт, and in what quantity. Here, chose a place. Threw a bait (a worm, a crank, опарыш….) also you wait for a poklyovka, and it isn’t present. In what business? Yes, we learned and chose a catching place, but it not the most important in fishing yet. A lot more factors influence on are cool fishes. Weather, it can be favorable for the fisherman, but not always for fish. Fish is very sensitive to weather changes (atmospheric pressure). Weather and atmospheric pressure can always be learned on TV or the Internet, for these days, when you are going to go fishing. Here the main thing that atmospheric pressure wouldn’t jump. If for the chosen fishing period pressure is uniform, opportunity to hook fish will increase. For reference change of pressure negatively influences fish and she prefers to sit out or simply to wait these negative days, and after as everything is normalized (pressure), fish leaves in the usual mode of dwelling. And so, the fishing dock is, pressure in norm, weather normal and steady, and, again isn’t present poklyovka, in what business? And the matter is that it not everything that is necessary for fishing. It will be a question of bait and a nozzle. You prefer to catch fish on a float or a donka (feeder) then bait or the drive will be necessary as it is pleasant to whom more. Various baits of ready mixes are sold in fishing shops (someone can itself does), for any fish, and for any season (winter, spring, summer, fall). For a float rod, usually prepare prikormochny spheres, and do заброс spheres in that place where were going to fish. Bait too has distinction, for the rivers with a weak and rapid current, for reservoirs where water costs. And so, the place of fishing was chosen, atmospheric pressure in norm, weather stable, the place fishing of fish is lured, the nozzle on a hook is present (depending on a place, a season, the nozzle can not much will cause a stir). Also what was waited so long comes. Poklyovka. And here, there was a poklyovka of fish, there comes the fishing turn. And here, something not so, and fish descends. In what business? Why fish descended? And the matter is that it is necessary to select a certain tackle and under each species of fishes, tackle different, well or differs a little. Fishing-rods are selected under a certain fish or similar on a vyvazhivaniye.To consult you at a choice of this or that tackle, for this or that fish the seller of fishing shop can (that wouldn’t take a steam bath and to look for various books, and in general information concerning tackles). A scaffold choice, the main and povodochny, sinkers, hooks, floats, too it is possible to get everything in the same fishing shop. And fishing and online stores now set. Everything, all factors are considered. A place, weather, bait, tackles and again a descent of fish (such phenomenon often happens not only at beginners of fishers, but also at the pro too). Again descent. In what business? And the matter is that to vyvazhivat fish, especially impressive size, it is necessary without hurrying. When you hurry process of a vyvazhivaniye then it is possible to tear off tackle (a lead, a hook). Fish at a vyvazhivaniye needs to be tired so that she was tired and I gave up on pleasure to the fisherman. Here then this long-awaited trophy will also appear at you on the account, among the caught fishes. On fishing, usually fish is got podsaky and stored in a cage.

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