Weather for fishing.

Any fisher respecting himself before goes on fishing, by all means will glance in a calendar and learns weather for these days. There is a set of the factors influencing a biting of fish. And fishers of course consider all this, but is also that when the fisher having looked at weather and considered all pros and cons, despite that opportunity to hook fish zero, all the same goes on fishing. Why so occurs, nobody knows, and isn’t present. The fisher is the same hunter as though you went for a game or still any living creatures. The fisher it as the maniac who in what that didn’t become, has to hook fish.
Lunar calendar for the fisher the indisputable assistant and the satellite of fishing, at all seasons of the year. The moon phase undoubtedly influences fishing, also and pressure, well and of course air temperature, at cloudy and windy weather peace white fish won’t peck, and here predatory, such as a pike, will peck without restraint, and all why but because, at each species of fishes the habitat and weather conditions, the world is so arranged.
Weather is that factor at which there is a set of various actions. Without knowledge of weather, we as without hands. Anyway weather is necessary to us and it is possible to learn weather now, about weather speak and show on television, networks of the Internet are covered with a weather forecast, as per day, and for the week ahead.
At all seasons of the year rainfall, without them where you won’t get to drops out, but also they too influence in some magic way a biting of fish. Depending on weather, it to us as the assistant, the fisher selects necessary tackles for fishing. Without knowledge of weather to go fishing, it as in the dark room to look for an exit. During a thunder-storm and heavy rain nobody wants to catch fish. Here got under heavy rain, one fisherman, and all why told? But because, I didn’t learn weather, and then are surprised as so, fish doesn’t peck and isn’t caught in general. Gathered for fishing — learn weather.