Five key tips.

Five key tips for spring pike fishing
Five key tips for spring pike fishing

It’s not a rule, but tips and they are very useful for catching pike in the spring.

Five key tips. Among connoisseurs of sport fishing, pike has become popular because of their fighting qualities and manners. Her toothy smile and the impressive size will appeal to all anglers. Is in the spring time, the pike comes across a particularly large size and adequately resists, which in turn can not fail to please the angler. In order to catch as much as possible and the best specimens of pike, below are 5 basic tips.

Tip 1. Fishing for pike, you should always start early.

As soon as the local laws allow fishing, namely, fishing pike, to the process of capture is to begin immediately. Spring pike are most common in shallow areas of the reservoir and catch her there always happens, with a properly chosen gear. In some cases, fishing from the shore is better than fishing for pike from a boat. Especially in shallow areas need to be particularly careful not to make noise, the pike simply could get scared and leave. In this case, the clothes may also play a huge role in catching pike. Camouflage clothing is just by the way, when fishing from shore. Necessary to move with extreme caution when approaching the water and do it slowly and easily. Cast the bait directly away from the fish and then when the bait will be in the water , bring it to your wiring to the victim, waiting for the bite.

Tip 2. For fishing choose shallow bays.

Shallow bays are a great place to catch pike in the spring. If fishing occurs on the lake, start finding and fishing is on the North side of the lake, these places are warmed to the desired temperature in the spring open water. It is known that the color black collects heat faster, and in our case the dark bottom of the Gulf says that the water there is more heat, and this means that there’s no doubt there are pike.

Tip 3. The pike fishing in the tributaries of the rivers.

In the spring a lot of melting snow and ice, and with it much of the melt water enters the reservoirs and with it the water gets oxygen that is so necessary after the winter. With the melt water created streams, near which feeds on small fish, and after it follows the pike, here it is necessary to wait and to catch.

Tip 4. To monitor the weather.

The ideal and optimum temperature for pike in the spring, yavlyaetsa 18 — 22°. So studies show. Based on this temperature, it is necessary to make the catch of a pike as soon as the temperature begins to rise above this level, the pike begin to leave the shallow areas and bays in places with more depth.

Tip 5. Choosing the right bait.

Five key tips for spring pike fishing
Five key tips for spring pike fishing

Many anglers think that bait for pike in the spring of the most successful is the jerkbait. The amount of which in full should correspond to what is fed pike in the spring. The main task when choosing the jerkbait is still in size, namely, it should not be large in size, as the pike is considering very carefully its prey before attack it. This , with regards to spring fishing for pike.