Burbot. How to catch burbot.


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How and where to catch burbot?

Catch the burbot can be at any time of the year, and the most opportune time this December.
Spawns burbot in January and February, which means that he is not very good bite. Good burbot biting when the water temperature of 12 with plus and minus 12 in the air.
Summer fishing burbot.
Burbot summer maloaktiven, burbot hot, and it very rarely comes out of his hiding place, they are called holes and deep holes of the reservoir, as well as places under stones. And as soon as the water in the pond a little colder, then immediately eel taken to replenish their reserves of energy previously lost. Burbot prefers to go hunting usually at night, it is seen that during the full moon (full moon) burbot did not bite, and this suggests that the burbot can not stand the moonlight.
Burbot habits like catfish, swims to the sound, which undoubtedly attracted him. When fishing from the shore, and especially at night, the fishermen make a fire, as this flame is very well seen from the water, and it attracts burbot. In winter moonlit night, get up from the bottom of the burbot, only in two cases, a sharp change in the weather, there was a crust of ice on the ice, or a sudden storm, etc., as well as water pollution. And when the water suddenly becomes dirty, burbot comes off the bottom and into the weightlessness between the bottom and the surface of the pond, his head toward the shore at this time burbot are not able to hunt and peck rarely or never burn.
Burbot is leaving forever its refuge when climate change, especially in the end of August, when it starts a series of rainy days, which means eel in motion and at this time of burbot caught normally, as well as at night. And as it flows in, it means that he went on biting karmёshku and naturally improves. Imagine how much burbot eats fish, and all the fish sluggish, and burbot active and voracious.
The voracity with burbot compared perch, burbot sometimes trying to get the fish in the tank fisherman. Ability to swallow burbot caught fish, only half as much himself. Sometimes poklёvki burbot accompanied by monstrous jerks, burbot in the likeness of catfish podkradёtsya to their prey and powerful jerk will pull prey into the mouth.
Vyvazhivanii klyunuvshego burbot from the water is not very difficult, almost without much resistance, he quickly gives up and falls into the hands of the fisherman. Using a landing net when playing burbot necessarily, because the eel is slippery and can get out of hand.
In summer, the bait burbot comes by chance, but in the spring, autumn and winter is not by chance, it is a pattern.
In the summer looking for burbot, Ryskov and groping hands in holes and deep wells, especially in the shade, even eel hiding in the flooded roots of trees and various karyag. For catching in hand, wear gloves, because the slippery eel.