Weather for fishing and the impact of weather on the biting fish

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Weather for fishing and the impact of weather on the biting fish.

Weather for fishing and the impact of weather on the biting fish

What is the impact of weather on the biting fish

It is wrong to assume the fish is a foolish creature. Despite the lack of direct authority responsible for thinking, the fish has a wide range of innate senses, which respond quickly to the environment and change its behavior. Nervous system fish are sensitive to pressure, warmth, water and air, noise effects and so on. All these little phenomena, you need to know in order to understand what the weather is like nibble fish would be most effective. Many people know that during the profit of water, the intensity of the fish drops significantly, and pike and eliminates hunting for food. It so happened that most of the pike goes out in search of food when the water temperature is in the range of +15 °C. If the water temperature begins to fall, the pike slow digestive processes, respectively, and the desire to hunt. This invariably affects the bite, which is waiting for the fisherman. Such features weather effects have their seasonality. The fact that early spring and late autumn, when the water temperature drops much below the comfort limit, the pike still actively biting. There is important process of temperature change, decreasing. During the continuous maintenance of the same temperature, pike, and other species of predators needs to be stern. But only worth weather indicators to show jump like a fish again, to hide to the limit, until you get used to the new conditions. Dry and hot weather also adversely affects the fish biting. At this time usually is an increase in atmospheric pressure, and fish for hours in one place, without movement. Fishermen often notice frozen fish behavior on hot days. It is considered that at this time the fish is like “dormant,” so to speak about the biting is not necessary. Of course, some fishing representatives continues its activity, but it is much less than the main mass, which responds to the bait and seductive lures of a fisherman in favorable weather conditions. In standby mode, which the fish can last for several hours, there is a suppression of the reflexes of a predator. The pike in such a moment can safely ignore the small fish that will swim in front of his nose and won’t even look in her direction, let alone to win her attention to the spoon. On a successful bite and the fish luring effect of natural and artificial factors of the reservoir. After heavy rains or closure of the dams is water profit. At this time almost all fish seek to get into the upper river, especially if it increases the total turbidity of the reservoir due to heavy movement of water. During the decline fish, as it rolls down the stream, to look for food she lost. After attrition, the fish try to come back again some time there is a movement of fish, which is unlikely to affect the effective bite. Any decrease or increase in water level consistently knocks down the established and customary mode of life of fish. At this time, the fish receives a small micro-stress, which suppresses the desire to eat. Naturally this has a negative effect on the bite and fishing. Understanding these processes, we can predict the most profitable time of fishing and to spend time fishing with the maximum benefit. Sometimes in this period, there is continuous tracking of spinners predator. Fish goes for a lure a long distance, but it is not going to attack her. Here appears the interest of the predator to the prey, and the absence of the main breakthrough can be explained by the satiety of fish, or suspicion to the spoon. Predatory fish, particularly pike remembers very well the familiar contours of prey, and small changes in the current locations may discourage her desire to attack. In addition to favorable weather conditions, it is important to follow the shape and behavior of the bait, which is designed to attract fish. In fact, all the animals in the world, even people more willing to eat familiar and understandable food and less likely to show interest in something new and strange. It is also noted wariness of fish to various sounds. Unusual vibration of water makes her fearful. If your baubles are not enough silent, waiting for a good bite can be very long. It is the frequency of sound vibrations affects the fish, repel or, on the contrary, drawing her. All weather phenomena with sound effects, one way or another, familiar fish, but the frequency and volume of their sound can act on fish in different ways. Therefore, during a thunderstorm, some fishermen noted fresh and biting, the other is completely calm – the fish got scared and lowered its activity to the minimum limit. Correctly using sound signals to attract fish or to kick her out of tight places. Not only hunters use a decoy, fishermen when fishing for ASP use the Devon, which makes a sound of trembling fish on the surface. This attracts the fish and the water comes out of the bushes and starts to look at the environment, the more intensely reacting to the bait. Also the quality of the bite can influence the direction of the wind. In addition to the effects of the wind fish it is possible to mention the convenience of throwing a fishing rod with the wind and difficulty of fishing, when the bobber wind nailed to the shore. The wind, which raises waves on the water surface, creates additional sounds that some of the fish lure, and some are deterred. You should know that when there is strong wind and waves increases the chance to catch a Chub, Chub, perch or IDE. In addition to discomfort in nasty weather, anglers can fish for a great fish, whose name is burbot. This fish is often caught in bad weather conditions. For this feature it was called the fish with a nasty character. What is the reason, it is difficult to say, perhaps, a little rain along with the wind creates those sounds, like the burbot, and it starts to behave actively in search of food. Some experts create artificial conditions in certain areas of the reservoir, which will contribute to the successful bite some fish. To do this, use a variety of techniques which makes a particular noise or wind. To independently influence the temperature of air and water impossible, so all of these methods are a small incentive to fish. Completely to deceive the nervous system of fish, which were raised decades impossible. Therefore, to improve the intensity and quality of fish, it is necessary to examine the pond, the fish you want to catch, weather conditions. It is also important to predict the behavior of the fish for a few days prior to the change in weather, the fish feels them much earlier person. And when we are just starting to guess about the impending rain, the fish it has to prepare more than one hour or day.


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