What fish bite in the spring?



What fish bite in the spring?

Fishing in the spring.

Щука весной

Lovers of fishing know that fishing in the spring is characterized primarily by the recovery of rivers and lakes. Spring makes us happy advent of the hot sun starts melting of snow and ice, in metropolitan areas, where there are large bodies of water, starts the water discharge, and discharge of ice is deposited, the fish creates a feeling that the water is drained and is activated at this time poklёvki fish increase. If the weather is clear and warm, and in the spring it is, the fishing can take place. And as with the arrival of spring fish spawning season begins and that continues until May. The March fishing, and especially after March 15, it’s time to catch on a float fishing rod, fish such as carp, roach, bream and bream.
Spring fishing with float rod on rivers with a steady course will provide an excellent catch of roach, bream and white bream, if you apply the latest live nozzle (manure worm, bloodworm, grubs, etc.), as well as the lure. Just at this time caught on small blёsna, they willingly takes pike, walleye, perch, chub, ide.
More interesting fishing in March at large rivers, where fish and more and more choice, if the weather conditions favorable for fishing. In rivers, especially after ice melting and rising for enhanced turbidity, the fish do not bite. We have to wait for easing the flow, only after, when the water will rise to the normal rhythm of the movement of the fish begins to bite and very successfully.

And so, what the fish bite in the spring?

Fishing in the spring compared to the summer and autumn periods, has minor otlichiya.Esli you do not know what kind of fish it is best to catch the spring, you will be helpful to know the following. C the end of March, when still a low level of the rivers, and the upper layer of water in the river had good enough to warm up, then during this period perfectly peck predators, chub, perch, pike. And in April, wakes up from hibernation catfish. Spring fishing, a time when the water temperature is not high enough and the fish prefer to stick to the depth of the reservoir and hiding in the bottom holes. If you gathered catch fish on trolling lures, then this fishing the recommended depth of 5 m., In the presence of a boat with a motor. If you set a goal to catch walleye, it is better to do casting lures have directly to the outputs of the pits, the favorite stopping place of pike-perch in the spring. And as walleye is not bad takes on jigging, in this case, it is perfectly caught brovok across the pond. More successfully catch bream, white bream, rudd, sabrefish to donk. All fish caught on perfectly ordinary worm.
Good luck fishing!

Do you know the difference between a fishing abroad?

How to catch pike in the spring

Щука весенняя 2

Insatiable appetite pike makes it vulnerable than the appetite of other fish, pike can grow to an impressive size, which makes it an excellent trophy. Big pike has incredible speed, the pike is a popular choice among anglers.

Pike spring

Sudak – predatory fish, big and beautiful. Zander actively looking for prey and pursues the chosen victim. Pike hunts in the water, in the morning and evening, before sunset and after dark before, feeding the whole night in the white nights.


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