Ways of catching of a pike.

Zherlitsa what is it?

It is necessary to carry to them passive ways, such as, zherlitsa, circles and a pike rod.

Catching on a zherlitsa became modern and more available today.
It isn’t necessary to have special skill to catch a pike on the live bait, and in especially passive way, for example, if to put for night of a zherlitsa on a pike. Zherlitsa one of the oldest ways of catching of a pike, this way it is possible even to carry during the ancient period of fishing.

Zherlitsu sometimes designate a postavushka or the flyer as it represents the flyer which is cut off from a tree, with reeled up on it a cross – on – a cross a scaffold. On the end of a scaffold of a zherlitsa fastens — a sinker and a lead with the live bait. After installation of depth of descent, the scaffold is fixed in in advance prepared расщеп on the end of the flyer.

Zherlitsu can be established, tying her to the branches of trees or snags which are sticking out of water inclined over a reservoir. On shoal, a pole with the pointed end sticks obliquely in a bottom, and the zherlitsa is hung up to a pole. The pole with a zherlitsa can be stuck both to the steep river bank and over a whirlpool. Usually such zherlitsa put for the night, and examine them in the morning and remove the caught production.

Catching in separate places on a zherlitsa happens a dobychliva, but here sports it after all and you won’t call.
In quiet and peaceful reservoirs, during the summer period, for example, in reservoirs, the staritsakh, lakes, circles are usually applied. The circle is the zhivtsovy tackle floating on a water surface equipped and calculated on long expectation of a poklevka. The circle consists actually of the circle made of a tree or polyfoam the having trench on an end face on which 10 or 15 meters of a thick-strong scaffold or a kapron cord are reeled up at circle top a stick rack to which the scaffold is fixed. And the live bait falls to water on a lead with a sinker. When there is a poklevka, the circle turns over upside down and the scaffold starts being unwound, signaling the fisher that the predator pecked on the live bait. Installation of circles happens from the boat as, from the coast it simply won’t turn out.

Circles of subjects are also good that them it is possible to oblavlivat a big surface of the water. And thus always is in a condition of free swimming, it is possible to tell that the circle itself looks for fish. In places where there is a current and where emergence of a toothy predator is expected, the circle is put on a peculiar anchor. The circle is laid up, the live bait is at some distance from an anchor.

There is even a sports way of catching on the live bait it is a zhivtsovy rod. The rod represents ordinary float, stronger and reliable rod. Such rod is equipped with running equipment, has throughput rings and the coil. The special pike float is put, it usually is made of a champagne cork. It becomes for this purpose that the live bait couldn’t drown him independently. Between a lead and the main scaffold put a vertlyuzhok that the live bait wouldn’t twist equipment.

The lead, from such material which is steady against pike teeth is surely necessary. Leads from the twisted metallic threads with ease suffer all pike stings.Also also monofilny leads from modern materials, such as флюорокарбон will approach. Plus such lead it is transparency and invisibility in water, and it is also steady against cuts.

Rod on a pike convenient on small small rivers, especially if they flow in the woody district and twisting. In the small rivers there are trees inclined over water, and will also be also zakoryazhenny a whirlpool where it is possible to let to swim for a while the live bait. In those places where a spinning not really you will swing, and here the live bait in such places will be actual. The method of fishing is similar with spinningovy meaning that too it will also be necessary to move along the coast, to look for to a place where can stick a pike. If poklevka through a floor of hour didn’t follow, it is worth rearranging in other similar pike place.
When the predator is in this place, she, as a rule, doesn’t keep itself waiting long. The pike poklevka is expressed in sharp drowning of a float or its strong movement aside. With cutting of a predator usually don’t hurry, and allow the toothy predator to zaglotnut properly the live bait, after her stop there is a cutting. Also catch on a zhivtsovy rod and from the boat, such tackle is very convenient on big and overgrown lakes where the live bait is thrown to a cane edge, so-called windows, among thickets of water-lilies.



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