Pike fishing on a large bait.

Крупную приманку
Крупные силиконовые приманки для ловли щуки.


Pike fishing on a large bait.

Pike fishing on a large bait
Pike fishing on a large bait

The advantage of large lures. How to pick up a large bait on a particular pond.

Pike fishing on a large bait

To catch pike throughout the season have to use different versions of lures. I pay due attention at catching in the spring and autumn, for these purposes I use generally baits from silicone ( edible and usual ).

Years of hunting the nearest water I realized that to entice passive pike to attack is not so easy. It is known that pike slows down metabolism during rapid cooling of the water apparently because of this, the pike are inactive. This is especially noticeable in early spring and early autumn.

We will focus on a large bait, it pike will not be able to ignore.

Arriving at the reservoir we begin to sh small lures and did not see the bite go away from this place. In my opinion, this is not the right tactic, there is always the possibility to use larger bait, maybe pike is still sleepy and not paying attention to detail. Large bait increases the chance to catch pike.

In spring and early summer fishing has its own specifics. Pike is just beginning to gain momentum, slowly but surely showing interest in the proposed lures. To do this, I use large lures ( silicone ) and make the wiring slower, trying to save the game.

It is also important to find a suitable Parking place pike. It is known that the larger the pike hunts in places where there is a schooling fish and which is collected in shoals, so the pike is easier to choose a suitable victim. Having found such a place, it is necessary to catch it in all horizons, if the place is quite deep, it is necessary to tap the bottom with a uniform wiring or slightly lift from the bottom and twitch ( this technique is certainly known to you ).

Large lures for pike fishing.

Large lures made of silicone can be both edible and inedible.

I give my preference to edible baits, their smell will entice any fad.

Large silicone lures for pike fishing.
The sizes I use are in the range of 25 inches, I believe it is the best size for pike.

Snap bait.

For success when pike fishing is not enough is a single hook and so I often attach additional tee to the bottom of the bait. What part of the bait is most often attacked by pike, Yes it is true-this is the front part of the abdomen and it is necessary to treat it with understanding, an additional tee will not let the pike Dodge. If the bait is more than 20-25 centimeters, it makes sense to fix it 2 tees. On this basis, pike often enough bait in the abdomen and tail, and the second tee in the back will be just the way. But do not forget about the game of bait in the water, it is fixed tee on the back can change the game of bait for the worse.

Tackle for pike fishing on large lures.

I really need to catch on big baits suitable casting gear equipped with a bait casting reel. The test rod is selected depending on the weight of lures, it is 60-100 grams, and the fishing line is better to use wicker with a tensile strength of 15-20 kilograms. One hundred percent success is guaranteed!

Pike fishing on casting tackle.
Many anglers use a landing net, it is also an important element of the set. It should be reliable and at the same time strong. Equipped bait tees can be difficult to get out of the mouth pike, it is best to use long medical tongs, with which you can get deep into the mouth and easily remove the bait.

Set for pike fishing.

Pike fishing on a large bait
Pike fishing on a large bait

What are the advantages of pike fishing large lures?

The main goal is to catch pike and it needs to use only large lures made of silicone, there is also a possibility to catch and small lures, but this is likely an exception. The whole point is that pike wants to catch a larger fish in a short time and spend little energy. As a result, it turns out that on a large bait there is one attack, and on a small number of them. Another thing that is interesting is that it is easier to extract a larger bait than a small one.

Pike is known for the fact that it is a predator and grabs the bait is not always parsing its real size, sometimes a large bait comes across a small pike, which is much easier to release from a large bait, but it is also worth paying attention to the strength of silicone bait, it happens that small pike can harm or even bite off the bait. To do this, you need to know with certainty which predator is preferably found in the pond and choose a bait respectively stronger to know for sure that the various cuts for the bait will not spoil it.


Each fisherman should understand that pike fishing on a large bait is accompanied primarily with knowledge of the reservoir, its habits and Parking areas and the most important fishing technique.

Even experienced anglers can sometimes be that all day is one efficient bite. For this fishing you need to be patient enough, because fishing is unpredictable and it must be considered.

And yet, when pike overtakes a large bait and you realize that at the other end of the coveted trophy, then you overtake a huge portion of adrenaline, where all previous unsuccessful bites simply forgotten.

To give an absolute guarantee that the larger the bait will be caught only meter pike and more can not, but to attack it will be pike in the range of 60-90 centimeters that’s for sure. It all depends on the reservoir on which the pike fishing will take place.


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