Fishing for carp on the float rod in the spring.Fishing for carp with a float rod.



Fishing for carp with a float rod.

Fishing for carp on the float rod in the spring.Fishing for carp with a float rod.
Fishing for carp on the float rod in the spring.Fishing for carp with a float rod.

Fishing for carp on the float rod in the spring.

The most common fish that lives in lakes, rivers and reservoirs is carp. He can dwell even in those places where other fish can not survive due to the small amount of oxygen in water, for example in ponds, which are small. Fishermen know most of the ways through which you can catch this fish, but it’s worth noting that the most common of all is fishing for carp float rod.

  • Fishing for carp

Fishing for carp with a float rod the most successful in this spring period as the middle of April and beginning of may. It’s not a carp is a carp. Success in carp fishing in the spring, first of all, depends on the weather and ambient temperature. If the spring was early and the weather in the first days remained quite warm, the fish will be very active and will be great to bite in April. But if the spring was late, and the beginning of March has not pleased the warm weather in early spring, good fish wait in vain. The most appropriate time for a good catch of carp in this case is may.

  • Rod

When choosing a rod you need to pay attention to its length. It should not exceed 4 meters. This is because very often fish for carp have in places that are richly filled with thickets of plants. Usually for carp in the spring, apply several types of rods. This so-called telescopic and plug rods. The most popular the first type of rod, although it is worth noting that it does not have a large margin of safety. Plug rod, unlike telescopic, stronger, but it is very uncomfortable during transport.

  • Coil

When you select a coil you need to remember that its weight should be small for a more comfortable fishing. It increases the number of bearings, so they can be in an amount of from 1 to 6 pieces. As a rule, for successful fishing for carp in the spring, choose a line thickness that is not greater than 0.2 millimeters. If the carp will be implemented in areas where long casting is not enough (over 20 meters), its number in the spool should be sufficient for a successful casting. It is worth to note that properly spooled fishing line does not touch the edge of the cheeks.

When you select float, you must pay attention to its weight, which should not exceed 6 grams. Stopping the choice on the hooks, it should be noted that for more successful catch, they must have a pretty long shaft, from No. 4 to No. 6. If the maggot is used as the main nozzle for fishing of this fish, in this case, you can use the shank of a smaller length. For successful fishing for carp, you need to use hooks dark color.

In the spring float rod is a great choice for an exciting and successful fishing for carp. But its a good catch you need to follow some rules and adhere to particular tactics. It is worth noting that one of the notable differences between fishing for carp in the spring is a constant search throughout the pond. Carp in the spring so active and is constantly in motion. If carp is excellent be active and constantly attacked the bait in one place of the reservoir, it does not mean that such situation will repeat in the same place the next day. It is this feature of his behavior in the spring is the main difference between fishing for carp in the summer when the bite is stable in the pre-tame places on the pond.

For successful catching carp on the float rod in the spring as bait, can be barley, maggot or dough, which is popularly known as a chatterbox. But it should be noted that the most successful bait for successful fishing for carp in the spring – this is a common dung worm. Bites can be of different intensity, but if the place of catching up and even a small flock of fish, they will be very frequent.

For successful carp fishing in the spring on the float rod we recommend the use of bait. It is necessary in order to lure the fish directly to the place where you will be fishing. It’s also worth mentioning that in the preparation of bait should not overdo the use of flavorings.


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