Catching perch spring float rod



Catching perch spring

Float rod for perch.

Perch river
Largemouth bass can be considered a worthy contender among predatory fish, it is also strongly resists when playing. Catch perch all year round and at a variety of baits. And we will look at the spring perch fishing on the float rod, during this period he was active, especially before spawning. Looking after ice perch in murky water. Finding deep place up to three meters, then it is safely possible to catch bass. Typically, in these pits, so to speak, lives perch. When choosing a location for catching perch depends on the region where gathered to catch perch. Find a place windless and lit by solar rays, it is not so simple, and yet do not forget that in the depth of the reservoir present. Having found such a place, you can successfully catch perch, if any is found in a pond. But in the rivers to catch perch looking for places with slow current, or even its absence. Under the trees overhanging bushes formed a shadow, it is known that bass do not like bright and lighted place here and is perch. Just perch loves spinning near the shore in the lakes and oxbow lakes, but also in the same dark places. The impact of weather on the perch also affects, it is not an exception from the rest of the fish. Gathered for perch should check the weather and pressure, wind, etc. If the weather is favorable, it rarely remains without a catch.

Now consider for a float tackle fishing rods for perch.

поклёвка окуня

Do not forget that perch predator fishing line and for its vyvazhivaniya should not be less than 0.15 mm., And for the larger individuals taking fishing line 0.25 mm.
Choosing hook is numbered 2.5-7. As for the bait, the spring of the best and easiest will muckworm. The nozzle of the worm on the hook, too, is not unimportant, usually sting of the hook should hang around. Hide the sting usually with chopped worm and the worm of a spiral skewer and pierce in several places, but that would not worm fell off the hook. Bites perch sharp and unexpected, they greedily grab the bait. The main thing is not to give a chance to perch on the total destruction of the bait, otherwise you will have a great difficulty to get the bait out of his mouth and he swallows it at once, eagerly and deeply. So, slicing down the perch should be done immediately, as soon as the notice that the float went under water. Unlike other species of fish, perch fishing an entertaining and interesting. So he will make you sweat a little bit on. But it does not stop fishermen and more interest the avid fishermen, especially in the spring. Taste once, you will not be left without a catch and get a lot of impressions on the spring fishing for perch.

tackle float

снасть поплавочная
Good luck fishing!

Weather for fishing and how to affect the fish biting Weather

How does the weather on the nibble

Incorrectly regarded as a stupid fish. Despite the lack of direct authority responsible for thinking, it has a great range of fish innate senses, which quickly react to the environment and change its behavior. The nervous system of fish is sensitive to pressure indicators, heat, water, air, noise effects, and so on.

All these small events need to know in order to understand in what weather nibble will be most effective. Many people know that the water came during the intensity of fish is greatly reduced, and pike altogether ceases to hunt for food. It so happened that most of the pike goes in search of food when the water temperature ranges from +15 ° C. If the water temperature starts to fall, pike is slowing down the digestive processes, respectively, and the desire to hunt. This invariably affects the biting, which is waiting for fisherman ……………….. read more ………………


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